Lost in You by Kally Khan

Lost in You by Kally Khan

This is the first time I am disappointed in a book. The book started off with an excellent plot and really makes you want to read further. The beginning is really hard-hitting and the characters are all life-like with human flaws and mistakes. None of the characters seem fictional or drawn out. The best part about the book is the characters who seem like the people we meet in our daily lives. Interaction and camaraderie are very well written and add that extra flair to reading.

The plot begins with Kaia, a beautiful and confident girl speaking her mind. She speaks about her love, Adam, who loves her fiercely despite all odds. Yet things are not as they seem. Beneath the calm surface, there is a storm raging within her. The epicentre of the storm is her past, and the pain and betrayal she experiences from her mother. Kally Khan does a marvellous job in leading up to the part where Kaia speaks about her past in her parents’ home.

The story then takes a downslide or rather it seems that the author couldn’t understand which way to go. Kaia goes to live with Adam. Soon the routine kills the spark between them and she is attracted to another man leading to an affair. This set up seems rushed and not well dealt with.

The ending is hurried and does not meet the run-up of the story. Kaia is the only character who is well sketched out, others are just like caricatures that could have been well fleshed out if given more time.

Some poignant points are dealt with beautifully in the book, like parenting and how often we place parents on a pedestal and forget that they are humans too and can err. Then there is the topic of betrayal and child abuse.

A good book that had the potential to be an excellent read had the author not rushed to end the book and give the ending a little more time.

I received an ARC of the book in exchange for an honest review. The views expressed are my own and are not biased towards the author or publisher.

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