50th Anniversary for Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”



Unbelievable! Outstanding! Simply great….

The most loved of Roald Dahl’s books “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” was first published in the year 1964. It was accompanied by quirky illustrations by Joseph Schindelman. Random House has come out with a special commemorative edition of the classic,  complete with the original illustrations by Joseph Schindelman.

Everyone would agree with me that a reading of this book very easily transports us to the chocolate factory of Mr.Willy Wonka, and arouses our senses to the various tastes and aromas of chocolate. And who can forget the naughty Oompa Loompas. Just when you wish to take a ride down your childhood, this book will definitely have carved a place for itself. I know it does for me. Whenever I see the book on my shelf I smile inspite of myself and for a moment am transported to Wonka Chocolate Factory, tasting one of the new inventions. And yum!! are they tasty….

See I can go on and on about this book because its not just a book. Its a story which hits you in your heart, everyone will find some associations in the various characters. Essentially its the story of how childhood and innocence is lost in the era of industrialization with the advent of TV. Children no longer sit with elders to talk or take time to enjoy little pleasures like candy. It is all mechanical, dull and competitive.


So if you too feel lost in the mad rush for luxury and power, grab hold of a copy of this classic and rewind into your childhood.ENJOY!!! I am going to read the book again. Are you???


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