The Story Of Tracy Beaker:Jacqueline Wilson

JANUARY 10,2009

Here I go again about another one of the Book Discussions organized by Children’s Book Forum under the able leadership of Ms.Deepa Agarwal and Ms.Devika Rangachari.This time too it wa sheld in Hbaitat Centre,on 10th January.

The book selected for discussion was Jacqueline Wilson’s “THE STORY OF TRACY BEAKER”.Well to begin with Jacqueline Wilson is a multi-award winning english author,known for her vast and diverse work in children’s literature.Her novels have been adapted numerous times for television,and commonly deal with such challenging themes.She wrote her first book at the age of nine and consisting of twenty pages.

The book is the “autobiography” of Tracy Beaker,a ten year old girl.Tracy is living in a children’s residential care home(nicknmaed “the dumping ground”)where she has been placed as a result of domestic violence.She is unhappy because she hasn’t seen her mother for a long time,she doesn’t get on well with the staff or the other children care home,(especially a girl called Justine) and has been rejected by the two couples who tried fostering her.From an adult’s point of view,Tracy has “behavioural problems” and she is always telling tall tales.A recurring story that Tracy likes to tell is that her mother is a Hollywood movie star,and thar she is coming to collect her someday.Among other things,Tracy’s autobiography details her life so far,her being deprived of Mars Bars and Smarties.And the type of revenge she would like to take upon her enemies.In 2002 the book was voted as the winner of the Blue Peter People’s Choice Award.

In the book discussion a few pages were read out to the children.The reading was followed by a discussion on various areas of the book like growing up problems,orphan life,how the absence of love and care affects a child and alike…Children were quite open with their views and the one thing that came across was that the warmth and sense of security we feel with our parents can never be substituted with anything else in the world.The children then wrote articles about the topics discussed and some of them were read out by them.Books by Jacqueline Wilson are loved by one and all.Hence this discussion was the most enjoyable for the children and they look forward towards attending many more book discussions.The Forum has worked wonders in bringing children closer to books and inculcating reading habit in them.

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